Saturday, November 5, 2016

Nov 6th, A Biker Bar Called Nerriga

Chilly is the way that I would describe the morning. About 44 F as I woke up this morning. We had the breakfast in the hotel before setting out. For the first tens of kilometers we were on bike trails passing folks rowing in the lake surrounding Canberra.
Take a look a the elevation profile below. We had some significant climbs as the ride went on. Some of them reached 14 percent, a pretty steep angle on a bike ride. The day was a series of up and down, followed by more up and downs and so by the end of the day the total accumulated number of meters was 1406 (over 4,600 feet).

The traffic for most of the day was pretty heavy with a large number of motorcycles. Most of them going in our direction very quickly. All in all a pretty noisy day.

The destination for the evening was a bike bar in a town call Nerriga. On this stretch of road the facilities can be few and far between. Today there is not even a campground. TDA has a arranged for this bar to allow us to camp on their lawn and have dinner in the bar's restaurant.  There was no Wi-FI so this blog is being entered a couple of days late. The dinner was delicious and it treat to eat inside.

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Happy Biking,

Brian Cox

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