Thursday, November 3, 2016

Nov 3, Rolling Hills and Kangaroos in the Mist

This morning I woke up to and it was very chilly (38 F) and foggy. After breakfast, we headed out and we very chilly for the first 25 km or so until the fog started to burn off and the sun started to shine. In the morning mists I saw a good sighting of a couple of kangaroos hopping besides the road, the mist made it difficult to clearly make them out and it happened so quickly that I didn't have a chance to get my camera out, but it was an interesting experience to see the locomotion of these unique animals.

At 35 km we come upon the town of Bombala and stopped for coffee at which time we were ready to shed the cold riding gear for earlier in the morning.

As you can see below, the enter ride was a set of rolling hills with each hill getting higher as the ride progressed. At the 80 km mark we were at the top a ridge that had many wind turbines along the top. To be so close to the turbines you get to appreciate the size of the machines. The lunch stop followed at the 87 km point where I refueled. I had almost boinked getting up the ridge to the turbines.

From lunch to the end, it was one more drop followed by the biggest climb of the day then a fabulous 25 km downhill to to the town of Cooma. I when zip zip zip into the campground.

Tomorrow we head off to Canberra and will enjoy a rest day before the final 3 days to Sydney.

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