Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Nov 2, Up, Up We Go

Take a look at he ride profile below. We started from Orbost and the almost the entire day was climbing, climbing, climbing. Most of the ride was on fairly quite roads with occasionally cars and trucks zipping by. most of the road up to 108 km was tree covered and on one steep portion was about 10 k of  gravel.

The ride was so remote that we didn't even have any gas stations or cafes for coffee or cokes. The lunch stop was at about 70 km which 60 km to the end.

It was amazing when we broke out of the forest at 109 km and one second we we in a dark covered road and in the next second we we were looking over sunny fields and Simpson clouds. We still had 20 km to the end but when pretty fast. We arrived in the town of Delegate. It a very small town with two general stores and a bar. We had a couple of beers and made our way to the campground.

As soon as the sun went down it got very cool and by 8:30 everyone had retired to their warm sleeping bags.

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Happy Trails,

Brian Cox

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