Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Nov 1st, Trails, Trails and More Trails

Maybe spring is just round the corner. This morning was chilly and bright as we headed out. Yesterday it looked as if it was going to be day of rain, but the forecast has pushed the rain off by several hours, maybe even into the evening. If it was going to to be raining we were going to stay on the paved roads, but since the rain was pushed off, most of the riders, including myself, decided to take the trail almost the entire 100 km (66 miles) to Orbost. 

The trails started off paved but withing a couple of kilometer turned to a hard pack dirt trail through the forest. The pace was very relaxed with no need to hurry the day. The distance was pretty short and many animals were being spotted on the trail.

At times the trail became no more than a walking path but it was much more preferable to riding on a noisy road with cars.

We had the ride briefing at 6 PM followed by BBQ ribs. It's almost 8PM and I'm at the supermarket, "FoodWorks" using their Wi-Fi to finish up this blog and all around me they are busily pulling in all the outdoor displays since they are closing at 8. All the other stores in town are already closed as well as the bar. All these little towns really do roll up the streets at night.

We'll that's all for now.  

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