Thursday, October 27, 2016

Headwinds, Bike Trails and Sunshine

This morning was pretty chilly as we departed the hotel, about 42 F. So a long jersey, long tights and a jacket was in order. We started to head south a long the water with beautiful views from the bike path. We may have even gotten off the bike path on to the pedestrian path to get closer to the water. As we head further south the day started to warm up a bit. Enough to remove the jacket and stuff it into the back pocket of the bike jersey.

At about 9 AM and 15 km into the ride it was time to find some place for coffee and a bite to eat. We found an ideal cafe on a small seaside town and pulled in for about 30 minutes. Today we were on a bit of a time restriction. Though the ride was about 77 km. We needed to reach the ferry in time for it's departure at 1:30 PM. So there wasn't as much time to lollygag as we would have liked.

We shortly hit our first bike path. We must of been on 5 or 6 different segments of bike paths today.  Some hard packed surface, some asphalt and some concrete. But each were unique and beautiful even if some were paralleling freeways.

We got to the ferry in time to have a quick lunch before boarding the ferry for about a 30 minute ride to Phillip Island. The island is known for it's motorcycle Grand Pix and it's penguins. We spent most of the afternoon just hanging out in front of a cafe soaking in the Sun and enjoying the warmth of the day.

I'm currently in the reception area of the campground trying to finish the blog and upload the photos, but the Wi-Fi is pretty weak at this location, so it may be a day or so until I can upload today's photos.

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